“The Incredible Story of the Goldfish Hybrid That Weighs as Much as a Ten-Year-Old” (VIDEO)

If you live near a lake or other freshwater source that is a natural habitat for carp, it’s likely you’ve noticed a few “colorful” additions here and there. These tagalongs are sometimes dumped koi, but other times, they’re a no-longer-wanted and now overgrown goldfish. In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating world of goldfish and their potential impact on the environment.

Goldfish are a popular pet, known for their bright colors and low maintenance. There are many breeds of goldfish but they are all, as a rule, hardy types of carp. They have been hybridized with koi and, in the case of goldfish dumped into freshwater bodies, with regular carp. This can lead to some impressive sizes and weights, as seen with Carrot, the 67-pound goldfish caught in BlueWater Lakes in Champagne, France.

It took angler Andy Hackett, from Worcestershire, UK, 25 minutes to reel Carrot in. He then snapped some pictures and released her back into the wild. Carrot, who had likely been living in the lake for 20 years, is a prime example of how goldfish can thrive in the right environment.

However, not all goldfish are as harmless as Carrot. Gigantic goldfish have been reported as a problem in parts of America, as they upset silt beds and rip up plants in waterways where they are not native. A goldfish sold to be a pet is considered an invasive species, and also poses a danger to native fish by stealing too much of the available food source.

This is why it’s important to never release your pet goldfish into the wild. It’s illegal to dump unwanted pets in wild waterways, so that’s something else to keep in mind if you just can’t manage to dispatch your goldfish in a traditional way. If you can no longer care for your goldfish, there are many options for rehoming or surrendering your pet to a responsible organization.

Just because a goldfish starts out small enough to fit in a bowl does not mean it will stay that way. The size of a goldfish is largely dictated by their environment. In a small bowl, a goldfish will not have enough space to grow and may suffer from health problems. In a larger tank or pond, they have the potential to reach impressive sizes like Carrot.

In conclusion, goldfish can be fascinating and beautiful pets, but they also have the potential to cause harm in the wild. It’s important to never release your pet goldfish into the wild and to provide them with a suitable environment to grow and thrive in. Let Carrot be an inspiration to us all that with the right conditions, goldfish can reach impressive sizes and live long and happy lives.


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