What an Amazing Ending! Finally the Humpback Whale Rescue has Succeeded! (VIDEO)

Gooooo! Go! So… it’s the OCN team, everyone is here. We are on our way to Sandwich Harbour. To me, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It’s been a long time in my life, Wally as well, working here, as a tour guide. There are huge dunes joining into the ocean. But we’ve got a report of a live Humpback that’s been stranded or washed out on the beach here.

Some tour guides called me earlier, so we’ve tried to assemble a few people, we’ve got the Namibian Dolphin Project on their way as well behind us. And we are really, really hoping that we can try and get him back into the ocean. [ENGINE ROARING] That is really about a Humpback. Just got here. It’s looking…

Still looking good. Hey, guy. You will be OK. There’s a little bit of strain. Oh… Go! Go! Go! It’s going to be a really tricky situation because, obviously, if this guy rolls over you, he’s going to break your legs and everything. So we are going to have to get some ropes to put on his tail, to try and get his head pointed towards the ocean and to get him, get him back in.

But it’s not going to be easy, we’ve done one or two of these before, not normally successfully, either way he should not be floating on the beach, we need to get him in the sea as quick as we can. When the water… Tony. When the water comes in like that, let’s get enough people and try and get his head forward.Watch that fluke. Wait for this water to go back. It’s ok. Oh good. Go! Go! Go! Wally, move! OK, here we go. Wally, I think we’re going to do the pushing thing first. OK. Push! Yeah. Go away! OK! Push! Push! Oh!

Are you all right? Wally, are you OK? Oh! Come on! Careful, wave! OK. Now push! Push! Push! Yes! Watch that fluke! Let us take over this side. Let’s go now. Are you fine? Yeah, I’ve got in a wave. I’ve got no… no idea where it came from. Go! The sets are picking up a bit now.

As soon as he starts to roll over, we need to jump back. OK. Comes a lot of water. Watch the fin! Watch the fin! Watch out! Go! I feel like we’re making better progress each time. Go!Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Watch out! Go! Kick! Kick! Go! Watch the fin, Tony! Go! Go! Kick! Go! Yes. Yes. Go! Go! Go! Kick! Kick! Gooooo! Go!Yes! [CHEERING] He is going. Oh. Beautiful bastard. He’s blowing! That was… I had too many of these. The majority don’t make it. He’s taken off now. Watched him for a bit. Since he felt there was water underneath him, he started kicking like crazy.

Oh man! What an incredible finish! So we are on our way back now. Everyone is really, really euphoric after the whale. But the tide’s too high to come back on the beach, so we’ve had to come back through the dunes, which is a whole different adventure. I used to work in this area for a long time, so it’s kind of good to be back in my old playground too.[ENGINE ROARING] Holy shit! [LAUGHING] That’s a rolling dune, you hear that? That’s the dune making the noise. [ENGINE ROARING]



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