“Watch the incredible moment a man catches a king cobra barehanded” (VIDEO)

The man who constantly joked, before using his bare hands to capture the “big” king cobra, caused many witnesses to shudder, but also caused a lot of controversy in the online community. The clip, shared on social media, shows Danu, an Indonesian snake catcher, repeatedly playing with a giant king cobra. This person showed amazing agility and dexterity when dodging the deadly pecks of the venomous snake.

After playing with “death” for a while, this man used his bare hands to capture the snake, then stuffed the animal into a backpack, instead of using snake catchers and bags. Specialized snakes.

The clip recording the image of a man joking and catching a king cobra with his bare hands has shocked many netizens after being posted on social networks.

“It’s scary, I don’t understand how he can calmly play with this scary animal. What will happen if the snake bites him? It gives me chills just thinking about it,” said one resident on Facebook commenting network.

“The deadly pecks are terrifying. The animal’s ‘huge’ size is completely worthy of its name king cobra. Just looking at it feels creepy, but it also shows the majesty of the animal.”, another social network user shared.

However, many netizens believe that the king cobra in the clip is a domesticated snake, has been trained and familiarized before, and not a wild king cobra, because if this is a wild animal, the animal will be much more ferocious and scary.

“If it’s a wild snake, it will never raise its head for that long, it will be aggressive and attack continuously, not slowly like this. Obviously, this is a domestic snake used for show okay,” one user of the social network Facebook commented.

“Snake is a cold-blooded animal that cannot be tamed, so if this is a pet snake, it is still very scary and ready to attack the owner at any time. However, if it is a domestic snake, its response will be slower and more predictable than wild snakes,” another netizen shared.

The king cobra is the largest venomous snake in the world, with an average length of 3 to 4m, there are cases of recorded king cobras up to 6m long. This venomous snake lives mainly in the rainforests and plains of India, southern China and Southeast Asia.

The king cobra’s venom is not the strongest of any venomous snake, but the amount of poison they use in one bite is enough to kill 20 adults or even an elephant. The venom of the king cobra affects the respiratory centers in the brain, causing respiratory arrest and heart failure.

In conclusion, while the video of the man catching a king cobra with his bare hands has gained widespread attention, it also raises concerns about animal welfare and the safety of both the man and the spectators. It is important to remember that wild animals should be treated with respect and caution, and that it is best to leave handling and capturing them to professionals who are trained to do so.



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