“Unveiling the Fascinating Life of Frankenlouie: The Two-Headed Cat Who Defied the Odds” (VIDEO)

Frankenlouie’s Owner Marty Shares Her Remarkable Story

On September 8th, the world’s longest living two-headed cat named Frankenlouie celebrated his 12th birthday. The name Frankenlouie was coined by the cat’s owner Marty, who combined the names of the two cat faces, Frankie and Louie. Frankenlouie has two mouths, two noses, two ears, and four eyes, but only two of his eyes are normal.

Todd Ray, who owns the largest collection of bizarre animals with 22 two-headed animals and a five-legged dog, said that “Frankenlouie is the most amazing of the two.” He further stated, “We have never seen such a cat in our lives. I have seen many two-headed animals live for only a week or at most only a few weeks. Yet, amazingly, this cat has lived for many years.”

As a friend of Mrs. Marty, Mr. Ray understands that the cat’s owner is as “unbelievable” as the two-headed cat himself. “She can prove that an animal like that can have a good life. She was amazing,” Ray said.

When she first met Frankenlouie during her time as a nurse at Tufts Veterinary School, Frankenlouie had a hard time coping with his differences, said Marty. However, gradually with her care, the cat was able to get on with his double-headed life.

“Frank performs the feeding function and Louie and his pose will respond,” explains Marty about the cat’s difficulty eating with two heads.

In the early years, Mrs. Marty had to carry the cat everywhere in a box and feed it every two hours according to a special recipe. The initial difficulties led her veterinarians to advise her not to expect too much. However, Ms. Marty said, “every day the cat gets stronger and continues to make a difference.”

Although Frankenlouie’s strange appearance is surprising to viewers, according to the Daily Beast, this cat has created interesting stories with his inherent nature.



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