UK Unveils Unprecedented Discovery of Massive 10.7m Centipede (VIDEO)

Researchers in the United Kingdom have discovered the fossilized exoskeleton of the world’s biggest arthropod. These massive millipede-like animals were the length of a vehicle and most likely inhabited Earth between 359 million and 299 million years ago, during the Carboniferous Period. This article will discuss the discovery, its significance, and the details of the creature that was found.

The discovery of the fossilized exoskeleton piece has shed new light on the ancient Arthropleura. In 2018, researchers found the 326 million-year-old Arthropleura fossil inside a broken block of sandstone on a beach in Northumberland, northeast England.

The exoskeleton portion measures 2.5 feet (75 centimeters) in length and 1.8 feet (55 centimeters) in width. According to the researchers, the person that molted would have been around 8.5 feet (2.6 meters) long and weighed about 110 pounds (50 kilograms). “These would have been the largest animals on land in the Carboniferous,” said lead researcher Neil Davies, a geologist at the University of Cambridge in England’s Department of Earth Sciences.

The discovery of the Arthropleura fossil is significant because it shows that these ancient invertebrates could grow to be far larger than previously thought. Scientists were already aware of the enormous millipede forebears known as Arthropleura, but the finding of the new preserved exoskeleton piece reveals the true size of these creatures.

The Arthropleura, which is an extinct relative of modern-day millipedes, is thought to have lived in the Carboniferous period, around 299 to 359 million years ago.

The Carboniferous period is significant because it was a time of great biological diversification, and it saw the emergence of many new animal and plant species.

Molted exoskeletons do not often fossilize effectively since they degrade fast. However, this one had been unusually well-kept. “It appears to have filled with sand shortly after it molted,” Davies explained. “It’s in a fossilized river channel, so it probably fell into a tiny river and was swiftly entombed in other silt.”

According to Davies, only two more Arthropleura fossils have ever been identified, both in Germany. The new fossil is the oldest and biggest found so far. Everything else experts know about the huge invertebrates comes from fossilized footsteps or trackways that they left behind in Europe and North America.

Based on earlier discoveries of fossils and trackways, the researchers were able to estimate the size of this new individual. “The width: length ratio of smaller Arthropleura samples is 4.78,” Davies noted. “So, because our animal was absolutely 55 cm wide, it’s 2.63 m long.”

Researchers are unsure what Arthropleura ate because no head has ever been discovered. However, they believe that these beasts were most likely vegetarians who ate trees, plants, and nuts. They may have consumed other tiny invertebrates as well.

In conclusion, the discovery of the fossilized exoskeleton of the world’s biggest arthropod sheds new light on the ancient Arthropleura. It shows that these creatures were much larger than previously thought, and it highlights the biodiversity that existed during the Carboniferous period. This discovery is significant in terms of understanding the evolution of invertebrates and how they evolved into the creatures we know today.



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