Thrilling Moment when Zebra Fights for Life in front of Crocodile Jaws (VIDEO)

The thrilling moment when a crocodile attacked a zebra was recorded by a tourist in Maasai Mara National Park (Kenya). When the incident happened, the zebras calmly drank water by the riverside, unaware of the impending danger.

When the crocodile rushed and delivered the decisive bite, the zebras realized and fled in panic. However, one of the herd was bitten by the crocodile on its hind leg.

At this point, a life-and-death battle between the two creatures begins. Crocodiles try to drown the animal in deep water, and zebras use every breath to get out.

Zebras even use their snouts to bite their enemies, although this attempt is not really successful. Everyone thought that death would be waiting for the zebra, because the size of the crocodile was too large.

However, in the decisive moment, the crocodile suddenly loosened its teeth, giving the zebra a chance to escape. Not missing a precious opportunity, the zebra squirmed out of the crocodile’s control, then ran all the way to the shore.

The zebra’s incredible effort paid off with its precious life, even though it had to drag along an injured leg that prevented it from moving normally.

For tourists, this is probably the amazing moment when the zebra suddenly “turns upside down” in an unequal battle with crocodiles. Indeed, the Nile crocodile distribution in South Africa has can reach 5.5m in length, 700kg in weight and live to be a hundred years old. In addition to their huge size, they are considered as freshwater predators that cause “horror” by possessing sharp teeth and very strong bite force.

Any prey that appears in their sights is almost inevitable death, even humans are no exception.

Meanwhile, zebras are very dependent on water. They can even travel tens of kilometers in search of a safe source of water.

But this effort can cost them their lives, because rivers and streams are always at risk of ambush by crocodiles. Not only that, even terrestrial hunting species such as lions, hyenas… are often near water sources to look for opportunities for themselves.

To escape large predators, zebras often try to run away, and rarely dare to turn back to defend themselves. They can run at speeds of 60-70 km over long distances.

In addition, they also possess a “secret weapon”, which is a rear kick with two powerful hind legs. By using this defense, zebras can break the jaws of predators if they stand within feet.

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