Though Its Eyes Begged For Help But Everytime Someone Approached The Sick Dog, It Dies Of Fear.

It is often said that street dogs are a problem, which is not true. Perhaps the issue has more to do with the relationship that we humans establish with them. The truth is that homeless dogs suffer unspeakable horrors in their fight for survival, especially if they are puppies .

Zhora is the name of a little 5-month-old puppy , who was found wounded and left to his fate  near a vacant lot in Ukraine.

Luckily, the little animal ran into members of Love Furry Friends , an animal rescue association, who immediately picked him up and rushed him to the nearest veterinary clinic . He was in very poor condition, which denoted the cruel neglect to which he was subjected.

As reported on their YouTube channel, the organization’s activists spend several days feeding these types of rejected pets . It was in one of them that they found little Zhora.

They knew that he was very ill and they could not leave him there in such a deplorable state. His skin wounds caused her a lot of pain. They took him with them, however, it was almost a miracle that the little dog survived .

“We often feed hungry stray dogs in this industrial area. We noticed a puppy that we have never seen here before. We stopped and fed him, but when we approached him, we saw that he was completely alone and his skin looked sick, ”said the pro-animal organization.

But with luck, and the good offices of the rescuers and veterinary staff, the miracle happened. Considering the seriousness of the injuries suffered on his skin due to the effects of time, malnutrition and the disgrace of having been left alone in that infamous place.

During his rescue in the video published by Love Furry Friends , you can see the furry’s look of terror . Distrustful, naturally, he was extremely nervous whenever someone approached him.

“In some parts of his body there were holes due to lack of fur, he had wounds on his back, his belly was swollen. We offered him food and water, but the pup was hiding and refusing to accept it, until he ate some,” they added.

The dog was simply trying to hide his face behind a wall, afraid of being hit or hurt . However, the patience, love and dedication that were lavished on him made a dent in the puppy’s apprehension, which finally gave in and allowed himself to be petted and fed.

Finally, he underwent a treatment that had a rapid effect and closed his old physical and emotional wounds. Both he and his rescuers became an example of how animals should be treated. Today he is happy in the arms of the woman who adopted him and provides a home with all his love.

Share this story with your family and friends. Today, Zhora, like so many other puppies in his situation, is waiting for a permanent home that gives him the attention and affection that every pet deserves.

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