They Convinced Her Instead She’d Prefer Being In A Ditch Than Around People.

Many dogs on the street decide to isolate themselves before coming into contact with people . Reason? They are victims of abuse so severe and profound that they become creatures of anxiety and distrust.

A pit bull found in a ditch in the city of Los Angeles is a prime example of this. She was alone, extremely scared and in need of help . Despite her needs, she refuses to come out of her hiding place, knowing that beyond that narrow hiding place she is very vulnerable.

Isolated and depressed, this dog had decided to stay away from humans forever

Hope for Paws volunteers found out about the existence of the dog, so they decided to go after her and give her a second chance .

What the volunteers did not know about the animal was the fear that men aroused in it.

Very soon they realized that the dog did not tolerate the presence of men .

This made them deduce that the person responsible for their traumas may have been a cruel individual. The resistance of the pit bull to the men was not a reason to sit back and they decided to try it.

In this video you will understand the important work that loving volunteers do every day

This is how Eldad, a young volunteer made use of all his patience, sweetness and generosity . He was truly willing to earn the dog’s trust, no matter how long this task took.

Then Eldad sat down near her in the ditch and began gently stroking one of her little legs . Despite being nervous, she knew how to control her impulses very well. Her sweet look was an indication that things might not be so complicated if they decided to get a little closer.

It was surprising, but she allowed him to touch her head.

Eldad decided to go a little further and began to stroke the dog’s head. At first she feared her affection and her closeness, but little by little she gave herself over to her affection and even allowed herself to put a leash around her neck. Everything seemed to indicate that that day would be the big day.

Eldad, Melissa and Sara managed to get the pitbull out of the ditch and as a reward for her good behavior, they began to feed her. She was so excited with the volunteers, that she began to eat with a very good appetite .

They were happy to have made this breakthrough. They took the dog with them, named her Nala, and set her on her way to her new life . Hers. Despite some illnesses typical of abandonment on the streets, such as fleas and nutrition problems, the pitbull’s health was quite good.

They soon discovered that her phobia of men was not permanent and that they could rehabilitate the dog.

They also noticed that Nala was loving with children and with other animals , her behavior was perfect for assigning her to a family that was willing to love and value her.

Nala is assigned to a temporary foster home, while a new family arrives. Fortunately, this dog has gone from a ditch in the middle of a big city to a place full of love and care where he can regain his trust in people.

Nala is a new dog, waiting for her family to love and protect her

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