The strangeness of the headless fish: Why can the fish still move and twitch when dead?(VIDEO)

Evolution loves to pull a prank on us but sometimes it gets a bit out of hand [Music] a lady was left terrified after a piece of fish she was cooking started moving and leaping around like a scene from the exorcist that’s right the fish can be seen flapping its way to the top of the oven slamming against the grill as if it was trying to escape probably seeking vengeance i don’t know but i mean who wouldn’t be horrified in this situation i know there’s always something fishy about fish that’s why i don’t like them

But what actually happened to the fish it was clearly dead what can make a headless skinned dead fish jump and twitch like that i’m definitely not superstitious in any way but seeing gutless creature move really creeps me out [Music] i did some digging and it turns out the aggressive jumping comes from a chemical reaction that stimulates the fish’s muscle tissues according to research although the brain and heart are not functioning there are still nerves that respond to stimulation usually the body stores energy

Throughout the muscles just like how you store your belly fat when we die the energy is released causing contractions that’s what happened to the fish even though the animal was literally skinned and beheaded its muscles responded to the heat from the oven and the muscles spasmed while the chemical inside the fish triggered the reaction similar to when this man added a little bit of salt on frog legs only for them to start twitching as if they were still very much alive in this case the legs are being manipulated by the salt because salt

Contains some sodium ions that create voltage differences which helps trigger the twitching the same thing happens when squid’s heads are cut off and the lower half of their body continues to crawl around in fact human corpses are also known to randomly move and jerk limbs for hours after death although this is due to a different mechanism from that in the dancing squid it’s nothing but science however in this video the fish still moves quite aggressively even though its flesh appears to be cooked all the way deep

Fried with bread crumbs because once cooked the mussels won’t contract like this anymore no matter how fresh it is people say the fish moved because it wasn’t cooked long enough for the nerves to die off some say the fish’s spine is still sending electric impulses to the muscle and to get rid of them you need to stick a rod down the fish’s spine after you’ve cut the head and blah blah blah or it’s possible the whole thing is a hoax being pulled off with pieces of thread whatever the reason i am not eating that

Fish so yeah a fish can still scare the heck out of you even though it’s dead and headless and gutless is there anything that fish can’t do because boy these guys are hella weird but that’s it for now i’ll see you later you

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