The sea monster lurking in the maximum depth of 3200 feet of the ocean was suddenly discovered by scientists (VIDEO)

I don’t think everyone realizes how big and scary the ocean is for instance the Mariana Trench is known to be the deepest location on Earth and has a depth of about 36 201 feet for comparison Mount Everest the highest mountain on our planet is only about 29 000 feet tall now imagine the entirety of Mount Everest can be submerged at the bottom of the ocean floor and its Summit still wouldn’t reach shallow Waters forget about the horrors of outer space because our planet’s oceans are just as terrifying sunlight in the ocean can

Only travel to a maximum depth of about 3200 feet down in the Twilight Zone it’s dark food is scarce and the pressure is immense just imagine what type of monsters lurk in this part of the ocean let’s go through some of the most terrifying creatures in the deepest part of the sea from the predatory tunicate to the Pelican eel here are 15 scary Mariana Trench creatures that you’ve never seen before foreign number 15 predatory tunicate meet the underwater Venus flytrap the predatory tuna kit if you’ve ever seen a

Venus flytrap catching an insect before it wouldn’t be hard for you to imagine how predatory tunicates catch their meal these creatures live anchored along the canyon walls and seafloor in the deep ocean and prey on zooplankton and other tiny animals luckily unlike most of the creatures that live in the deep sea predatory tunicates only grow up to five inches across which means they’re limited to preying on small Marine creatures and nothing else watching them eat their prey is amazing and terrifying

At the same time they just wait there with their mouth-like hoods open and immediately snap them shut when a poor animal drifts inside just imagine how terrifying it would be if these creatures grow a lot bigger another weird thing about them is that their simultaneous hermaphrodites which means they can produce both eggs and sperm finding a mate isn’t exactly easy when you spend the majority of your life anchored on the sea floor this physical adaptation helps them to reproduce and poor conditions or when there are no


Other tunicates nearby before we go on like this video smash the Subscribe button and click the notification Bell right now number 14. headless chicken monster sea cucumbers are echinoderms closely related to starfish and sea urchins there are some 1 200 species of them around the world and the Headless Chicken monster is the strangest among them there’s a reason why this particular species got its bizarre name If You observe one of these sea cucumbers while swimming you’ll see that it kinda resembles a headless chicken

Because of its wing-like fins I think they look like raw chickens just before you pop them into the oven but don’t get me wrong despite their comical names they’re seen as amazing sea creatures in fact their superhero-like capes that open as they sail through Waters earn them a much less embarrassing nickname the Spanish dancer sea cucumbers only feed on tiny particles like algae in small aquatic animals so the shock factor of the Headless Chicken monster relies on their freaky appearance alone these creatures are unique among other


Sea cucumbers they don’t have the ability to swim upwards instead most of them move around by riding the current so far the astonishing creatures of only been spotted several times around the world we still have a lot more to discover about them and hopefully we’ll get to see more of them in the wild soon number 13 see lamprey there are creatures out there that will make you realize that nature really is brutal introducing the sea lamprey also known as the Vampire Fish this eel-like creature doesn’t have Jaws or other bony

Structures instead it has a skeleton made of cartilage which makes this creature unique from other fish its weird body isn’t really the most terrifying thing about it it’s sucker-like mouth is the product of nightmares just take a look at that and the way this creature eats is equally terrifying sea lampreys hunt by draining their prey of blood first they attach themselves to their prey by using their suction cup mouth after that they’ll use their teeth to drill into the Flesh of their poor victim slowly the sea lamprey

Will cut through the fish’s scales and drive itself further into its praised Body by using its sharp tongue once the Lamprey is securely inside the prey’s body they’ll secrete an enzyme that prevents blood from clotting and drink the blood of their poor host like a leech lampreys can be found in the deep sea but they’re also so known to be anadromus which means they can migrate up to Rivers from the sea to spawn this has caused a problem for a lot of fishermen in fact ever since sea lampreys made their way into the Great

Lakes they’ve been recognized as a parasite and an invasive species that decimate the population of Native fish in the fresh water they invade to this day lampreys are still considered Public Enemy Number One for many fishermen because one of them can easily kill about 40 pounds of fish every year number 12.

Telescope octopus the telescope octopus is a strange-looking deep sea animal that lives at depths between 500 and 6500 feet they can be found in several regions of the Pacific and Indian oceans these elusive creatures have only been seen a few times and to this day they’re still shrouded with mystery just like the see-through glass octopus the telescope octopus is completely invisible because of their transparent and gelatinous flesh this means that even if a sliver of light passes through them their bodies won’t produce a shadow

This physical trait helps these creatures that only grow up to eight inches long to escape any Predators lurking in the abyss the only non-transparent part of their bodies is their digestive gland and their incredibly strange telescope looking eyes through their elongated tubular eyes that pop out of their heads they get a wide peripheral vision which enables them to see both prey and predators for now we have limited knowledge of this rare species and because of their size and their habitat it may take us years before we can know

More about them number 11 vampire squid the vampire squid is a deep sea creature that’s only about 12 inches long if it’s just the size we’re talking about the vampire squid is no monster however its appearance is enough to freak anyone out initially mistaken as an octopus because of its arms and lack of tentacles the vampire squid found itself as a weird combination of a squid and octopus these guys possess the biggest eyes in proportion to their bodies in the animal kingdom they also have one of the most

06:33menacing cloaks that hide sharp spikes underneath I guess the vampire squid isn’t called the squid of hell for nothing they might not be bloodsuckers just like their namesake but the vampire squid might as well be immortal as their living relics of an ancient species of octopus that goes back 165 million years in the fossil record number 10.

anglerfish I don’t think I can ever stress enough why the anglerfish is one of the most terrifying creatures in the ocean in fact people who have seen these creatures washed up on the shore don’t want to learn anything about them due to their hideous appearance for one they look like creatures that came straight out of a nightmare with their black beady eyes and their gnarly teeth the most horrifying thing about the anglerfish isn’t their appearance but their reading and mating habits these creatures are one of the many that take

advantage of their bioluminescence to catch their prey just like an angler they use the lure attached to their heads to fish in the abyss once prey gets close to them they can extend their mouths twice their original size to accommodate large prey and their horrific appetite is just the beginning the big anglerfish that you see are female ones they’re capable of catching larger prey and they look far more intimidating meanwhile the male ones are considered parasites male anglerfish are notably smaller than females and they

spend their lives constantly searching for a mate once they they do they’ll attach themselves to the female anglerfish until they fuse together and only the male’s reproductive organs remain what’s more a single female anglerfish can carry up to six males on and in her body number nine Dumbo octopus let’s take a break from the horrifying deep sea creatures and just bask in the cuteness of the Dumbo octopus in fact these creatures are so adorable that even researchers can’t help but coo at


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