The scene of a dog saving a baby deer from drowning makes many people admire

Dogs are known for their loyalty and devotion to their owners, as well as their willingness to put themselves in danger for the safety of those around them. This is particularly true when it comes to protecting humans or other animals from harm. Dogs have been shown to be selfless in nature. Recently, a video has gone viral in which you can see a dog rescuing a baby deer from drowning, proving that dogs are genuinely selfless.

In the video, a baby deer is seen trapped in the middle of the pond and suddenly a black coloured pet dog jumps into the pond in order to save it. He brings the baby deer to the shore by clutching it in his mouth.

The video is shared by a YouTube channel named, Universal gyaan

4u, and in the video, you can see the black Labrador dog, swimming effortlessly and saving the life of the baby deer while his owner makes the video of his brave efforts. The owner keeps on encouraging his dog and when he finally rescues the deer, he lauds him saying, “good boy”. The dog looks well trained because as soon as he brings the baby deer to the shore, he leaves it on the ground without hurting it. After the dog releases the baby deer, his master (the man who is capturing the video) also starts caressing the scared baby deer with his hand.

It is not known who is the real creator of this video, as it has been posted from many social media accounts. Regardless, people are surprised to see the dog’s bravery and love for other animals.’

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