The online community was saddened when the image of an eyeless cat with all its hair was spread on all social networks

The heartbreaking story of a hairless sphynx cat without eyes is spreading on social networks, causing many people to pity.

The Jazzypurrs cat of the sphynx breed has no eyes due to corneal ulcer disease

The story comes from a Twitter account called Rob N Roll. Reportedly, the sphynx cat named Jazzypurrs, aka Jasper, lost two eyes after having to undergo surgery to remove because of a corneal ulcer.

Although unable to see anything, Jazzypurrs cats are still happy to live and extremely active, not afraid of the world around them.

The account Rob N Roll shared a picture of the poor cat and wrote: “Meeting Jazzypurrs, he had a corneal ulcer and had to have both eyes removed. Due to being a hairless cat, now without eyes, the image of the cat is really different, it looks fierce but very beautiful.”

Even though cats have no eyes, they still live quite happily and happily

Cat post Jazzypurrs has over 239k likes

Jazzypurrs are Sphynx cats also known as Mexican cats. They are a hairless breed of cat named after the Egyptian Sphinx. The feature that many people love about the Sphinx is that they are very intelligent, affectionate, often attached to their owners.

Jazzypurrs cat 12 years old, owner adopted it at 2 years old. However, after a few years the cat was diagnosed with feline herpes virus, then one day he developed a corneal ulcer in one eye and had to have it removed. After a few years, the other eye suffered the same fate.

Jazzypurrs is known as the most pitiful cat in the world. The special status also made it famous and attracted the attention of many people. On Instagram, the cat has its own account with more than 76,000 supportive followers.

Cat’s Instagram account Jazzypurrs has more than 76,000 followers

In a post on the cat’s personal Instagram, the owner shared about how the Jazzypurrs lost their sight very sadly. The owner wrote: “Writing for those who don’t know the story of Jazzypurrs, I adopted the cat when I was about 2 years old and quite healthy. After a few years, the doctor diagnosed the cat with the herpes virus. Then in November/ In 2013, he suffered a corneal ulcer in his right eye. The condition was so bad that surgical removal was the only option. However, Jazzypurrs was still a happy, healthy cat despite only one eye. Until approx. In September 2018, the cat had a corneal ulcer in the other eye and again had to choose to have it removed. Jazzypurrs was completely blind but he soon adapted. In April 2019 he suffered a mild stroke. It’s hard to figure out what’s going to happen next.”

Over time, the Jazzypurrs cat recovered almost 100%. It moves more cautiously, sometimes not knowing where it is and will meow for help.

The owner of Jazzypurrs also shared that the vet said it could live for at least 10 more years. Currently Jazzypurrs is still a happy cat.

On Instagram, the owner often shares pictures and stories of Jazzypurrs so that everyone can know about the cat’s life.

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