The mystery of the two-headed creature appearing in the Roman forest confuses scientists (VIDEO)

There are plenty of animals we see every day like dogs cats rodents and birds but some are so rarely seen that you’d describe them as mythical and if you wouldn’t i sure would and no one really knows if some of them are real to be honest and some seem so strange that they shouldn’t be real [Music] from the loch ness monster to kraken here are 20 mythical creatures that were only seen once number 20 yeti the yeti which some people call the abominable snowman is an ape-like creature that allegedly lives in asia’s

himalayan mountain range many people have tried to gather evidence to suggest that the yeti is real but so far we only really have anecdotal evidence we’ve heard about visual sightings from people video recordings that are sketchy at best blurry photographs and footprint plaster casts that could be any number of large animals or just faked all together some of the best alleged sightings have since been debunked and we’re actually no closer to knowing whether the yeti is a mythical creature or the real deal it’s believed that the

idea of the yeti comes from sherpa folklore and that someone misidentified a yak bear or other large creature somewhere along the line the yeti is described similarly to bigfoot in north america so the two are often closely compared some people who say they’ve seen this mythical creature describe it as being large and bipedal with brown gray or white fur and long sharp teeth the frequency of supposed sightings started increasing around the 20th century when westerners began scaling mountains people reported seeing strange

tracks of odd creatures and it kicked off large-scale efforts of people heading out into the wilderness just to see if they could find the yeti we still haven’t gotten any solid proof to say that it exists before we go on like this video smash the subscribe button and click the notification bell right now or this centipede will crawl on your face when you’re sleeping [Music] now it’s time for the star topic rumor has it that a priest in romania has a more interesting story to tell than most others you’ll need according

to some romanians some people had been walking through a forest when they encountered this two-headed mythical creature it appeared to be injured and not knowing what to do they called their priest who always seemed to know how to solve problems the priest arrived with a veterinarian to administer care to the creature and it was allegedly never seen again what do you think the creature was doesn’t seem like anything from the animal kingdom comment down below with the hashtag star topic and let us know your opinion in relation to what we just

showed on screen with that said let’s keep things moving number 19 loch ness monster people don’t really talk about the loch ness monster in north america but if you were to pay a visit to scotland and ask people what theirs to do as a tourist learning about this creature would be recommended more than once the loch ness monster which locals call nessie is a scottish folklore creature that allegedly inhabits the loch ness fresh water lock in the scottish highlands it’s described as a long-necked large

creature with at least one or more humps and a very secretive nature since no one has ever been able to get a decent picture of something there sure actually exists the story of loch ness began in the 1930s when the courier published information about an alleged sighting by someone called george spicer after his account was published countless letters were sent to the newspaper detailing other sites of dragons sea serpents and a monster fish everyone eventually agreed on the name loch ness monster and since the 1940s it’s been called nessie

although the earliest reports of the loch ness monster date back much earlier to the 1930s an abbot of iona abbey called adamnon wrote an account in the 6th century 80 talking about the irish monk saint columbia encountering locals burying a man by the river ness the man had been seen swimming in the river when he was attacked by a water beast that mauled him and dragged him under the water ever since then there have been dozens of alleged sightings but most of these supposed sightings have been proven to be other things like bird

lakes a greenland shark a welsh catfish and even birds that have had their heads and necks mistaken for parts of the loch ness monster number 18 megalania the monitor lizards we have today are terrifying enough but can you believe that some used to exist that were even larger and scarier they were called megalania and they are a now extinct giant monitor lizard species that used to live in australia during the pleistocene even today they are considered the largest terrestrial lizard to have ever existed with estimated lengths of up to 23 feet and


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