The mystery behind the resurrection of the snake’s head when separated from the body(VIDEO)

There is no person in this world who can live without their head no one but these animals they are something else from a headless chicken running around to a turtle head biting these videos are sure gonna amaze you [Music] [Applause] we all know that venomous steaks are scary when they’re alive but there’s also reason to fear these banged creatures after they’re dead that’s right this guy caught a rattlesnake and chopped its head off right before it could bite him and look what happened the head still reacted to stimulatio

the head still hissed and turned around to bite even though it was completely disconnected from the body and wait the body still moved too this is crazy and scary at the same time because how can these deadly noodles still live after being decapitated now the answer has to do with the snake’s physiology if a mammal loses its head it will die almost immediately but snakes and other cold-blooded animals which don’t need as much oxygen to fuel the brain can probably live on for minutes or even hours granted the snake might not have been

self-aware that it no longer had a body rather it likely just felt the pain from the decapitation and then tried to defend itself this man nearly died when a severed snake had bit him he beheaded the rattlesnake to defend his wife but just when he bent down to dispose of the snake its decapitated head turned around and bit his hand all of this means that if you encounter a rattlesnake or any snake in particular just run it’s the best option leave the snake alone and never touch it because it can easily kill you even without its

this one even seems very calm and chill the people in the video decided to kill the layers because they were really old and sick yet the stubborn hen refused to die after its head got chopped off it was still walking around acting like a normal hen the chicken survived for a couple of hours before completely shutting down and going into the crock pot [Music] it didn’t even care that its head was gone i think its head was connected to bluetooth because look how the chicken regained balance even though it lacked a

first of all that was not okay second of all how the heck did the head still bite he chopped off the animal’s head and proceeded to guide a piece of garden hose into its mouth and surprise surprise the head bit it hard harder than it ever had before and did not let go but how i went all crazy and spent hours searching for the answer but it seems impossible to find so my guess is that it has something to do with ion concentration in their blood and tissue that promotes heartbeat and keeps the nerves moist as long as the nerves remain moist

very much alive the chicken named mike lived for 18 months straight before dying of choking on a corn kernel that sounds impossible to believe i’ve got to admit but obviously it’s not this chicken also faced the same fate as mike when its head got cut off by its owner the bird was still running and flapping its wings frantically somebody even says that the bird moved because its soul was still stuck inside yeah i don’t think that’s the case man [Music] this chicken even clucked without the head how the heck

freaking head mike finally had a worthy opponent so these chickens survived because most of the chicken’s brain is located in the back of its head behind the eyes when they brought down the axe they lobbed off most of the head but left the part of the brain that controlled breathing digestion and other bodily functions so the next time you see a headless chicken running around don’t be too surprised you’ve probably seen david blaine resurrect dead flies just by touching them and no this is not because the magician

really has supernatural powers flies go into some sort of sleep mode when being frozen and so by warming them up in the palm of his hand the flies wake up and fly away like nothing ever happened but it’s not the only thing that makes them special flies will live for several days after they’ve been decapitated this one accidentally removed its head without even noticing i don’t know about you but i gotta admit this fly has some amazing dribble skills probably took it a minute to realize that the head was gone

[Music] this wasp also got its head cut off and it seemed like the insect was trying to grab its head before flying away probably took it to walmart to buy some super glue gotta stick the head back on right [Music] [Music] but that’s all for today’s video i hope you liked it be sure to give us a thumbs up subscribe to our channel so you won’t miss anything from wildpedia see you next time


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