Terrified by the moment thousands of snakes fell from above in a storm (VIDEO)

Nature never ceases to amaze these animal kingdom oddities may seem like urban legends but they all actually happened and had real-life scientists scratching their heads here are 15 strange animal phenomena that happened on earth while you’re here be sure to smash the like button subscribe and click the notification bell for more such amazing content number 15 narcisse snake dens canada usually seems like such a non-scary place the pristine lakes the gentle manners the political tolerance the free-flowing

Theories but the mystery still remains number three monkey invasion while shop shut populations lock down and tourists stay home wildlife is encroaching into formerly no-go urban territory but while some like the wild goats of north wales seem to be enjoying their new domains others like the monkeys of laburi thailand are clearly hungry and missing people pictures of animals roaming our deserted streets might at first glance seem cute or fun but they’re also a stark illustration of the economic paralysis caused by the

Coronavirus crisis and a reminder of the close relationships between humans and animals the negative impact on animals of people staying indoors is clearly seen in the thai city of lopuri northeast of bangkok locals have described vast brawls of monkeys estimated around a thousand in one report scavenging among trash and fighting for food number 2.

Cow compass now let’s talk about clever animals as you probably know many birds insects and even mammals have a fixed movement direction and now cows and bulls have joined them a group of german scientists decided to study cow’s behavior it was like a weird topic for an investigation right but for many years farmers paid attention and found something interesting scientists also studied images from google earth and have confirmed that cattle tend to align their bodies in a north-south direction while deer also display this behavior phenomenon that has apparently gone

Unnoticed by herdsmen and hunters for thousands of years in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences scientists say the earth’s magnetic fields may influence the behavior of these animals the earth can be viewed as a huge magnet with magnetic north and south situated close to the geographical poles many species including birds and salmon are known to use the earth’s magnetic fields in migration rather like a natural gps a few studies have shown that some mammals including bats also use a magnetic compass to help

Their sense of direction dr sabine begel from the university of daysburg essen germany has mainly studied the magnetic sense of mole rats african animals that live in underground tunnels we were wondering if larger animals also have this magnetic sense she told bbc news before moving to number one on our list here is an unusual event that happened on january 15 1877.

Memphians are horrified to discover unusual objects mixed with the range or in a heavy downpour umbrellas really aren’t much help against thousands of foot long garter snakes dropping from the sky most of them very much alive investigating the phenomenon scientific american magazine pondered where so many snakes could exist in such abundance and suggested that they were probably carried aloft by a hurricane and wafted through the atmosphere imagine being in that city on that day and having those snakes just literally raining down from above

What would you do let us know in the comments below number one bird that cries hawk among the rolling red dunes of the kalahari desert the song of the fork tale drongo provides a warning that predators are lurking close by the songbird acts as the desert’s watchdog always poised and ready to warn its fellow creatures of impending danger or at least that’s what the bird wants you to believe scientists claim this tricky african bird is in fact a pathological liar in the animal kingdom drongo’s common and southern africa

Usually get meals the honest way such as capturing insects in mid-air using their incredible aerial skills but at other times like on cold mornings when a few insects are flitting around the drongos turn to a life of crime when times are hard the crafty bird can make false alarms to make other animals drop their kill and run from the scene meanwhile the drongo swoops in to pick up the remains but sometimes the birds try this tactic too often and when they don’t get a reaction researchers have discovered they have

Another trick up their sleeve vocal mimicry the drongos are able to mimic the sounds made by many different species that inhabit its desert environment these include birds such as pied babblers glossy starlings sociable weavers and pale chanting goshawks as well as mammals like meerkats scientists tracked 64 forktail drongos over a span of nearly 850 hours in the kalahari desert in south africa close to the botswana border to unravel this unique behavior they found that drongos can catch up to 23 of their daily food by making false

Alarms and stealing their target’s dinner and that’s all of them have you ever experienced any one of them before let us know your story in the comments before you leave be sure to hit the like button share and subscribe for more later


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