Snake Turns Into Ball When It Swallows Giant Ball You’ll Be Shocked When Watching This Video

A snake steals an egg from a pair of guard birds only to realize it may have bitten more than it could chew.

Tour guide Frank De Beer, 27, was lucky enough to capture this strange moment on camera. He shared the story and footage with

“We were sitting by a waterhole, enjoying a hot cup of coffee and enjoying the view. As we were busy packing, I heard a pair of Blacksmith Wings very annoying. They were moving something. on the ground, I thought, snake!”

Blacksmith wings are common in the savannas of sub-Saharan Africa.

They are named for their distinctive metallic clang, which sounds like a blacksmith’s hammer on an anvil. These birds are territorial and fiercely guard their nests, which they build on the ground in open spaces.

“As we approached the scene of the commotion, I saw the snake deliberately slithering towards the wing. As common egg eaters, these snakes are known for their ability to swallow whole eggs as it is a major part of the body. in their diet.

“The penguins go into attack mode, swooping down to peck at the egg-eater and chase it away. However, the egg-eater is persistent and agile, dodging their attacks and crawling towards the nest. Apparently the penguins are ready for an attack.” tough battle.

“The egg-eating snake quickly reached the nest, and we held our breath as it began to bite one of the female’s eggs. The young snakes continued to attack, but they were no match for the species. eat eggs quickly and evade.In just a few seconds, the snake that eats the egg can get an egg.

“Then, with an egg in its mouth, the snake began slithering away in one of the funniest and strangest ways I’ve ever seen. Mesmerized by what was happening in front of me and my guests. me, I’m ecstatic that I can crawl away.” to record it all on film.

“The snake eventually disappeared in the bushes to get out into the open, leaving the snakes to mourn their loss. It was also very vulnerable to find the egg at first. We couldn’t see. I saw the snake swallow the egg whole, but let’s just say I’ve seen more pangolins than normal egg eaters eat eggs. It’s a rare moment for me.”

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