Shocking Video Filmed 10m Giant Snake Coil Around High Voltage Poles (VIDEO)

Locals in Chachongsao, Thailand, saw a deadly reptile and assumed it was an eviction notice, sending the whole town into panic. The serpent, which measured a staggering 10 meters in length, had coiled itself around a concrete pillar as onlookers watched in fear. The situation escalated quickly as the snake made its way onto high voltage power cables, posing a serious threat to the safety of the town’s residents.

Despite the danger, a group of brave men attempted to capture the snake. One man lassoed the snake’s neck while two others used long extendable hooks to grab it. However, their efforts were in vain as the snake proved to be too strong and continued to resist their attempts to catch it.

When veterinarians arrived, they took over the rescue operation. Despite the snake’s size, the vets were determined to catch it and remove it from the town. After a two-hour standoff, they finally managed to capture the snake using a cherry picker to poke it in the throat and grab it by the neck. With the power supply turned off, the rescue team was able to safely remove the snake from the high voltage cables.Ư

The entire incident was captured on video by local reporter Arnon Waitpongpichet, showing the tension between the rescuers and the snake. The footage quickly went viral on social media, drawing attention from around the world.

The incident raised questions about the safety of wild animals and their interactions with humans. While it is important to protect the safety of the community, it is also important to treat animals with respect and avoid causing unnecessary harm. In this case, the rescuers worked tirelessly to capture the snake without harming it, demonstrating the importance of responsible and compassionate animal control.

The incident also highlights the need for better education and awareness about wild animals, especially in areas where they may pose a danger to humans. By understanding how to safely interact with wild animals and how to avoid situations that may put both animals and humans at risk, we can work towards a more harmonious coexistence with nature.

In conclusion, the sighting of a 10-meter-long snake in Chachongsao, Thailand, led to a dramatic rescue operation that captured the world’s attention. The successful capture of the snake highlighted the importance of responsible and compassionate animal control, as well as the need for education and awareness about wild animals. Through these efforts, we can work towards a safer and more sustainable relationship with nature.


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