Shocking: A Snake that looks like a Frog with Legs on its Head Spotted in Ondo State. (VIDEO)

Strange Creature Found on Brother’s Farm in Oka Akoko Leaves Visitor Dazed and Bewildered

Since the lockdown order was given, I returned to my village in Oka Akoko, Ondo State, and have been a constant visitor to my brother’s farm where I assist him daily with his farm produce. Bro Segun is majorly a cassava farmer as he produces garri in large quantities, but he also has another farm where he rears livestock.

On Tuesday around 2 pm, during one of the usual visits to the farm, something strange happened which left me dazed. I discovered that at the bird section, the chickens were making much noise than usual. So, I proceeded to the location to see what was going on and behold, I saw six chickens lifeless on the floor.

Puzzled as to why the chickens died, I called the attention of my uncle to it, who said probably an infection has found its way into the farm and the birds are infected. So he ordered that I pick up the birds and set them on fire.

I was about picking up the third bird when I saw something creeping out. Initially, I thought it was a frog, but after watching closely, I discovered that it was a snake, or should I say frog-snake because I’m really confused about what the strange creature is.

Very strange! How can a snake have a hand and head of a frog? While lost in thought about how possible it was for such a species of snake to exist, it then occurs to me that the snake was responsible for the noise and the dead chickens found on the floor.

I was too scared to even make attempts of killing it. But at the same time, I could not help but marvel at the sight of the uncommon creature. Despite being scared, I followed it around in order to get a perfect view and snapshot which is shared in this article.

If not for my exposure, this creature would have been attributed to an attack from the ‘witches’ of my village. Smiles! Have anyone seen this before?

Can any biologist explain to me how this wonder is genetically possible?


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