Pythons and crocodiles: Eternal enemies in the battle for survival (Video)

Foreign brutal Wars with Predators constantly competing with one another such fights are often more brutal than when the a predator attacks the prey pythons and crocodiles are inherent enemies they are always at War when they encounter one another foreign decode the wild world through the video giant Nile crocodile fights giant python for its life and crocodile crushes giant Python’s head both crocodiles and pythons are predators with clever tactics they often Ambush and hide under the

water to attack quickly to make the victim unable to escape they are the Terrors of the swamps [Music] if a crocodile possesses a powerful weapon that would be its sharp teeth and terrible bite force the python has a great ability to wrap and squeeze its prey to death [Music] whenever these two formidable opponents meet it is certain that a fierce battle for life and death will take place [Music] coexistence and hunting in the same habitat ensures that conflict between these two Predators is inevitable

they are the leading predator in their ecosystems and will encounter each other in a variety of sizes and habitat types the python will use its rapid squeeze technique and it can completely disable the snout containing the sharp teeth and the crocodiles bite force and eat the crocodile the jewel between pythons and crocodiles can end with the winner going to either species depending on their size thank you in the confrontations between crocodiles and pythons size plays an important role and most likely determines the outcome

when the two species are young they are more susceptible to preditation foreign with the advantage of size small crocodiles are often killed quickly by pythons in the face of scarce prey Python’s recklessly attack dangerous predators foreign will cause them to starve Fierce competition in the wild causes the python to take risks with other ferocious creatures

adult crocodiles are not usually python prey they are too hungry to hesitate this time though the python started to attack and it gradually slithered down the river looking for an opportunity to attack by surprise but you know that was one verse two and it already is it at a disadvantage a group of males the python was quickly and brutally killed and towed into a meal for the crocodiles thank you the Python’s Forte is to wrap its body around its prey and gradually tighten but unfortunately the opponent this time

is a fierce crocodile one of the most dangerous crocodile species on the planet crocodiles have a distinct Advantage when fighting in water they swallowed the large python with ease with their big strong teeth the crocodile inflicts a fatal bite to the body of the Python to end the battle with its powerful bite the crocodile locked onto the python making it impossible for it to impose an attack in the end the python died and became prey for the crocodile even if the pythons have no choice if supplemented with food they would not be

able to fight defensively and may even die recklessness is instinctive for Predators but confronting other Predators is dangerous especially since the water is the home of the crocodiles with a large body and the chances of winning for the python is very slim crocodiles are predators and drowning is their preferred method of killing their prey [Music] usually crocodiles will Ambush their prey pull it into deeper water and drown it [Music] this python is no exception and it can’t


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