Ningen – Legend or truth about Japan’s giant underwater creature(VIDEO)

in this video you’re gonna see how maddie’s house was almost invaded by an unknown creature and you’re also gonna see the moment a seemingly extinct animal was caught on camera lastly you’re gonna meet trunko a mysterious animal that dates back to many decades ago but first let’s start with [Music] alien big cats there’s countless species of big cats in the world even though this animal is scattered across the globe england does not have an ecosystem that supports this super predator this is why sightings of

panther-like cats across the country dating back to the 1760s are pretty strange in 2011 the center for fort and zoology found dna evidence for a leopard in the country not only do they see it but the animal also attacked a boy and left him with scars and bruises after the first sighting there were pictures and videos to prove this animal does exist it’s unsure where this one exactly originated since it’s not supposed to be there there are rumors that they were released by their owners a few months before the

1976 dangerous wild animals act and rather than acquiring a costly license to own these pets these owners chose to release the cats to the wild skinwalker scream the skinwalker is part of traditional folk tales and navajo tribes it has similar features with the werewolf legend and that humans gain supernatural powers to transform into a beast however many locals don’t regard skinwalkers as legend and trust me coming from tucson they’re pretty common around here they’re believed to be witches or medicine men who use dark magic to harm

Others some of them steal the faces of people you know to get closer to you not much is known about this animal and navajo people are not willing to divulge certain details of outsiders in the navajo language this animal is called yi nagaloshi and it means he who walks on all fours and i probably mispronounced that in one clip a man follows a strange sound through a friend’s property until he is frightened by a terrifying scream in the darkness there’s a pair of glowing eyes leaping to the ground in the distance you can tell that there is

A creature there but it’s hard to decipher who and what it is now skinwalkers are mostly encountered near native reservations sightings in the us and utah are the most famous mattian’s mysterious guest this video is unique in many ways first it was filmed in 2018 making it a rather older video by internet standards also it became part of an online saga and at the time it also generated a ton of controversy matty anna youtuber uploaded a video after she heard strange sounds for several weeks in a row she

became pretty curious and she decided to film her encounter when she summoned the courage to investigate she found something bone chilling even though the strange voices didn’t seem to lead anywhere maddie persisted and continued to follow the trail just watch the video yourself you’ll see exactly what i’m talking about the ningen the ocean is a terrific place even though modern technology has helped to unearth some of the spookiest things happening there we don’t know much about the creatures that actually live there

the possibilities in the ocean are endless as most animals have evolved in different ways than those on land with this fact in mind let’s look at one ocean creature that’s been the subject of debate for years the ningen is a japanese aquatic legend that is featured in tales of sailors and fishermen in the country this giant creature shares some characteristics with rays mermaids and whales sightings indicate that they’re about 20 meters long while others describe them as having visible human features

One of the most famous bits of footage of this animal comes in the depths of the water surrounding antarctica it was so visible that it sparked fresh analysis from scientists [Music] werewolves in brazil you’ve probably seen werewolves in movies and have joined skeptics to say that they don’t exist there is a famous rumor about this animal though as it’s often said that some people transform into bloodthirsty wolves and stalk their prey at night now there are numerous videos of werewolves but this is the

most convincing it was filmed in a backyard and it captures the moment where a strange creature moves with canine and human characteristics the man behind the camera managed to escape with his life another man described the creature as a black monster measuring about 1.5 meters tall it is believed that the animal was in the process of transformation and the media also cited paolo diaz as we’re calling a time when something strange kicked at his gate earlier in the month he believes that the animal in question

might have actually been a werewolf but it’s kind of unconfirmed tasmanian tiger the tasmanian tiger is more than a simple legend it’s lit for millions of years and was once common in new guinea australia and tasmania this marsupial was an apex predator until disease and extinction dealt with it in the early 1930s despite its supposed extinction there are reports of tasmanian tigers spread across tasmania an island off the south coast of australia though this animal was nocturnal some video evidence shows

clear images of the creature in daylight this clip is one of the most compelling footages of this ancient animal flipping through images gathered over time scientists have found an entire family of the tasmanian tiger when the first image was uploaded it raked over a hundred thousand views easily some scientists do believe that the tasmanian tiger may have been confused for another tasmanian animal the animal in question is a small marsupial that resembles a wallaby but has very little hair on his tail the iceland worm

also called lagerfield the iceland worm this creature dates back to the 1340s the most famous evidence of existence was in 2012 when a serpentine creature was caught on tape it was swimming through a freshwater lake in the area because the creature was very blurry beneath the lake’s surface its movement was unclear due to the brevity and shakiness of the video as well we can’t tell whether the monster was moving or the water created an illusion of movement in 2014 iceland inaugurated a truth commission to study the film and

analyze the results they did admit that this creature exists and there was no reason to doubt its authenticity one scientist discovered that the object was static in water and even though it appeared to be moving upwards it wasn’t the amateur photographer that filmed it has debunked the rumor that the clip was a hoax coined by him he insists the creature is real in the video was not edited direwolves dire wolves are famous characters from game of thrones they existed many years ago but went extinct at some point these

prehistoric predators lived in north america and like the thylakine many have claimed to encounter these giant dogs measuring over three feet long the first official footage of this animal was uploaded in 2015. it shows a confrontation between the filmer’s dog and a living direwolf the wolf itself began to leave when the man began taking pictures but before then he grabbed the dog and threw it on the ground the movements look so real that it’s hard to dispute their authenticity while some say it is a hoax others say it’s a

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