More horrifying than the movie Anaconda: Giant python weighing 400kg was found in Altamira cave (VIDEO)

36 biggest pythons found by humans 6 giant pythons Anaconda construction workers discovered a giant 10m python at a construction site in Brazil weighing 400kg anaconda found after an artificial explosion at the altamira cave a video recorded by construction workers showing the python’s huge body will remind you of the movie Anaconda and starring Jennifer Lopez and rolls-royce maybe the python has 1m in diameter workers used chains and cranes to lift it off the ground and found

Yellow spots on its body however it is not clear if they killed the anaconda but many people expressed dissatisfaction with the python being liked many people thought it would be a shame if this world’s longest anaconda was killed and unfortunately the world record for the longest python in the world currently belongs to Medusa, a python kept in captivity in the city of cannot USA with a length of nearly 8m um yeah yeah yeah 35 pythons in the anaconda river of Brazil one its son out the grown son of patina was caught in a video when a

Set of 3 Fisherman pulls it out of the river the python moves out of a small boat full of what must have been at a big lunch not long ago in a video of a man wielding a stick poked the python several times until it used its great size to push the boat away three people then returned close to the python The man grabbed its tail twice across the river until the vehicle passed Local media reported that three individuals were fined $600 by the environmental police for negligent action

And they were also charged and faced eight months in prison for breaking the law against hunting or hunting wild animals without a license four pythons in Southern Europe If in legend there was a scary snake about 30.40 8m long with a dragon’s head and 7 nostrils, now locals living along the river, surnamed Bolero, believe that the mythical creature left after a photo of a giant snake, the pig’s brother. Remote waterway is published the above photo was taken by a scientific research team from a helicopter at

Is conducting a flood survey here, the photo that has just been published immediately has caused a fierce debate about its authenticity, many people think it is real while many people object to it. that it is the product of high-tech software even prestigious newspapers like spacetime have asked readers to create their own thoughts about the photos However some residents claim to have seen the snake they have named it Nepal However the image in question was later found to be a highly detailed creation game

Of the photo it is revealed that the water does not belong to the Amazon basin nor the Bolero river it is actually the giant three-legged peacock river Medusa Tuesday, October 12, 2011 a python was found in the city of Canton. Mystery street the snake was 7.6 m long at the time it was considered the longest python ever in captivity The python was estimated to be 10 years old and it took 10 years for the man to keep it after the python was caught it was acquired by a city circus and named Medusa one in 20 said diet

Its usually a pig rabbit and Huong it is capable of eating a 36 kg deer in one meal two of the world’s longest pythons a 7.9 mm python was captured by a group of Malaysian workers at a construction site built in 2016 but this son died 3 days later while laying eggs the longer leg of the pickup truck about 5.8m which is also longer than the Medusa in the 3rd longest held captive in the world world according to the Guinness record Do not know why the python died after laying eggs of a large python

Can put 75 eggs ah in a python Titan Oba lived in ancient times 60 million five hundred years ago Titan Ova is the largest snake monster that has ever existed in the history of the earth through fossils found found in 2007 Scientists determined they live in tropical Colombia they have a maximum length of up to 14 meters and weigh 2.5 tons Titan Ova was once a ruler that scared all animals

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