Memorable moments: The pair of Beluga whales smiled as they were released back into the wild.(VIDEO)

It’s key the next step goes is to minimize time out of the water [Music] so after nearly 10 years little white is finally back in the sea no one knows how she’ll react everything’s going well but this is a tense moment because they’re waiting for her to take her first breath

She needs to breach the surface if she’s stressed she’ll delay breathing for up to 15 minutes you can imagine what’s going through her head he’s obviously already sensing that she’s not in a tank it’s like waiting for the baby’s face crying after three endless minutes [Applause] how brilliant is that [Applause] well we’re halfway there now one’s in the tub’s gone back it’s all got a little gray did you just see it with all that natural habitat around it not the false lights of a building or the edge of a tank we’ve heard little grey has been loaded onto the tub and we’re just waiting for the talk to come round obviously a little white it’s settling but we just can’t believe that she’ll settle properly until until she’s got a mate in there with her there we go [Applause] and right on cue the tug returns with the other half of our precious cargo

For andy it’s the day he’s been dreaming of for five years the last hundred meters felt like 500 miles but we’re here little grey about to come off this is when our sanctuary becomes a  sanctuary come on brother vikings ever didn’t consent each other’s closest

[Laughter] what do you think i think it’s absolutely amazing i don’t know i kind of know as you see them breaching there that would be the first time since they were of course as baby wild if they felt direct sunlight on their own skin you could tell you just feel at all we’re going to take your lat off to everyone who’s been involved in this all the team over there all the community here we’ve got behind it great to be part of it after a short period of acclimatization

533 days since i first met them little grey and little white are free at last free to explore the whole sanctuary their forever home well that’s it seems really surreal to be honest with you i haven’t been on this project for as long as we’ve been on it you know i was meant to go to shanghai once and iceland maybe twice since we’ve started this documentary up into shanghai twice and here this island off iceland five times and we’ve finally reached the point where the whales are in the bay and what jessica and the team have done

Is changed the landscape for all the belugas in captivity because now there is a beluga sanctuary in existence [Music] it happened and we were there to watch it something tells me i’ll be coming back to see them again you.


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