Meet the extraordinary two-headed turtle that has overcome all obstacles (VIDEO)

Greek Tortoises: A Look into the Life of Jaᴜs, the Two-Headed Tortoise

Greek tortoises are known for their impressive lifespan, with many of them living for over a century. However, some of these unique animals are born with genetic problems, such as having two heads, which drastically shortens their life expectancy. Normally, Greek tortoises only manage to live for a couple of years, but Jaᴜs, a two-headed tortoise, has managed to defy the odds and is about to celebrate his 23rd birthday.

Jaᴜs was born on September 3, 1997, in the Natural History Museum of Geneva, Switzerland. His name is inspired by the Roman god Jaᴜs, who was represented with two heads. At first, experts were concerned about the short life expectancy of a turtle like Jaᴜs. However, this little animal has done nothing but surprise everyone with his resilience and has left everyone speechless.

Although Greek tortoises are not known for their mobility, Jaᴜs has even more difficulty moving around and cannot protect himself as effectively as turtles usually do by hiding their heads in their shells. Nonetheless, at the museum, Jaᴜs receives a lot of attention, and his health condition is constantly monitored to ensure that he never lacks for anything.

Despite his physical limitations, Jaᴜs has led a long life with a strict routine that includes daily baths, sunbathing sessions, and a diet based on lettuce and tomatoes. He does not have an active sex life, but he enjoys occasional snacks with a little extra lettuce.

In Roman mythology, the god Jaпᴜs had two heads: one to see into the past and one to see into the future. Switzerland’s friendly tortoise has fewer responsibilities and simply cares about his sunbathing and well-deserved snacks with a little extra lettuce.

Jaпᴜs was born from an egg that was in an incubator. For years she lived in a terrarium designed especially for her. However, she has grown quite a bit, so they are building a new place that better suits her needs.

Each Jaпᴜs head has a separate brain, but it seems that the right one is more dominant.

Everyone became so attached to Jaпᴜs that they decided to make him the official mascot of the museum. Many people come there for the sole purpose of meeting her. After all, this is a very curious animal that has managed to make history.

In conclusion, Greek tortoises are fascinating creatures with a lot of surprises in store. Jaпᴜs, the two-headed tortoise, is a perfect example of the resilience and strength of these animals. If you ever get the chance to see Jaпᴜs in person, don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness a living legend.


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