Lion and Leopard: The Dramatic Battle of the World’s Top Hunters (VIDEO)

Have you ever seen a lion attack a hyena mercilessly? Or a lion catch a cheetah, the world’s fastest land animal? What about wild dogs? Lions have been dubbed the “King of Animals” for centuries due to their bravery and strength. They can take down their prey alone, but usually they do so in a group called the lion pride.

The lion pride has amazing coordination when attacking its prey. Welcome to Vlambose! In this video, we will see the 15 Most Incredible Lion Attacks Caught On Camera! Number 15! Cheetah! Lions don’t like to see cheetahs in their territory, because cheetahs are competitors and also a threat to their cubs. Seeing the cheetah enter his territory without permission, the male lion immediately ran very fast.

The sleepy cheetah was shocked and tried to run away, but unfortunately.. it was too late! The lion hit the cheetah very hard and they both fell, and it’s game over for the cheetah. Not long after, another angry male lion came and attacked the cheetah too. A lioness stalked two male cheetahs from a distance.One of the cheetahs had already noticed her. The cheetah just staring when she came closer, and when it was very close, he immediately ran away, leaving his brother. His brother was very shocked when the lioness was next to it, and the she immediately ambushed it. I’m sure that it was the cheetah’s last day.

The surviving cheetah, bidden farewell from a distance. Number 14! Hyena! Lions and Hyenas live in the same territory, and they hate each other because they eat the same prey. A male hyena confidently challenges a much larger male lion. The male lion didn’t seem to care, but a female lion got angry and chased after the hyena, but unfortunately, the hyena could dodge her.

Suddenly, another male lion appeared from the bushes and immediately chased after the hyena. The hyena ran as fast as it could in desperation. In a short time, the lion managed to hit the hyena’s body and made it fall, and this little champion turned into a memory. A hyena was caught by three lions. They didn’t kill it right away, instead played around and tortured the hyena.

The lions took turns attacking the poor hyena. In another video, a hyena was caught off guard by a male lion. The lion looked very angry at the hyena. I guess the hyena had stolen the lion’s prey before. A lioness sneaked up and chased a hyena very fast. Fortunately, the hyena’s reaction was very good and it immediately ran away.

It seemed that the lioness only wanted to play, because in the end the hyena was let go. Number 13! Zebra! A lioness saw a zebra cub running over from behind the bushes. She waited patiently for the prey to arrive. At the right moment, the lioness ambushed the zebra cub with the help of the pride. The lioness immediately bit the zebra’s neck, and the zebra couldn’t fight back.

It was an easy lunch for them. In another video, a nearsighted zebra didn’t see a male lion relaxing nearby. I don’t know what they were waiting for. The lion then ran to attack the zebra. The zebra seemed a bit surprised when seeing the lion, but also too lazy to run. It didn’t take long for the lion to finish off the zebra.

The lion pride was stalking a group of zebras from a distance. One of the lionesses approaches one of the zebras that was separated from its group. When the distance was close enough, the lioness ran fast toward the zebra. The lioness jumped onto the zebra’s back and performs her spectacular somersault. Then the lion bit the zebra’s neck and tried to knock it down.

The zebra was able to hold on strong enough until the lion pride arrived and they started lunch together. Number 12! Cape Buffalo! A male lion was hiding behind a tree trunk. When the buffalo herd came closer, the brave lion quickly attacked them alone. They ran frantically in all directions to save themselves. The lion chose the slowest buffalo left behind.

The lion managed to bite the buffalo in the neck, and tried to knock it down, but it was very difficult because the buffalo weighed so much more than him. They fought for a while, and in the end..the buffalo fell because of tiredness and ended up being lunch. A male lion found a buffalo that had a broken leg. The buffalo was about to run away, and the lion chased after it.

It made the buffalo angry and chased the lion. Soon after, two other male lions came to help their brother. One of the lions spun around and attacked the buffalo from behind. Then they attacked the buffalo together and the game was over. Number 11! Elephant! An elephant calf that separated from its group was attacked by the lion pride.

06:10The 5-year-old elephant couldn’t fight back, because its tusks were still small. Unable to run away, the little elephant was finally brought down by the lion pride. The elephant could only cry, accepting that its short life on earth coming to an end. In this video, an elephant calf was attacked by 10 lions. Some of the lions climbed on its back to knock the elephant down, and some of them kept watch so it wouldn’t run away.

The elephant had fallen to the ground, but it managed to get back up. The elephant continued towards the river followed by the lions. Slowly but surely the elephant getting closer to the river. The elephant calf finally made it into the river, while most of the lions couldn’t follow it. Finally, the elephant managed to survive.

Number 10! Wild Dogs! The wild dogs were relaxing and playing on a sunny day. Suddenly 2 lionesses ran into their territory. Lions, hyenas, and wild dogs are three animals that hate each other, because of similarity in prey and territory. One of the lionesses ran after them, and the wild dogs ran in all directions.

The lioness managed to get a wild dog, which means fewer competitors. Wild dog pups were playing happily, while their parents were out hunting. In the blink of an eye, a male lion attacked one of the wild dog pups. The wild dog pups could only surrender because they couldn’t fight back and there was no one to help them either.

It was a warning from the lions to stay away from their territory. Number 9! Wildebeest! Every year, millions of wildebeest make massive migrations, across land and rivers. The migration, of course, had been awaited by the hungry lions. A lioness tries to catch one of the wildebeests but always fails. While she was watching and waiting for the right moment to strike, a brave male lion immediately jumped into the middle of wildebeests herd that were running fast.

The male lion could have been injured if he was hit by the wildebeest. He immediately enjoyed the lunch happily. A lioness’ leg was injured after an unsuccessful ambush. The lioness was in pain and she licked her feet. Then the big cat limped to a fairly hidden spot. While resting, the lioness keeps an eye on potential prey.

Shortly after, while enduring the pain, the lioness ran as hard as she could to catch a wildebeest. No matter how painful it was, the lioness must succeed in catching the prey, because the injured leg could threaten her life if she was unable to hunt. Number 8! Hippo! A mother hippo and her baby were walking on land.

It was quite dangerous, because they were very far from the water. Nearby, the lion pride was on patrol and they spotted the hippos. They approached the hippos slowly. Then, they attacked the mother hippo together. The mother hippo didn’t fight back at all, I guess she was sick. Meanwhile, her baby could only watch sadly.

The lions bit the mother hippo’s back to make it weak and fall. It didn’t take long until the lions began to enjoy their lunch. In another video, again, a mother hippo and her baby stroll out of the water at night. Meanwhile, the hungry lions were walking around looking for dinner. The decision to attack an adult hippo is a gambling, as it’s very dangerous for the lion pride.

The lions chased the mother hippo and managed to surround her. They attack it and try to knock the hippo to the ground. Luckily, this time the mother hippo managed to escape. Number 7! Kudu! A Kudu was walking to the waterhole to drink when a lioness saw it. The innocent Kudu drank without noticing that the lioness continued to sneak closer.

When the Kudu lowered its head to drink and couldn’t see the surroundings, the lioness immediately launched her attack. The lioness managed to knock the kudu down and bit its neck. It was only a matter of time before the lunch was ready. Two Kudu were fighting to mate with the female. Not far away, a lioness saw them.

The lioness managed to catch one of them, while the other ran away to pick up the female. Number 6! Crocodile! A lioness that hadn’t eaten for a week was walking on the riverbank when she saw a stranded crocodile. She began to attack the crocodile, while the crocodile tried to get away. Soon after, two other lions came to help.

The lions surrounded the crocodile from all directions and tried to bite its neck. They attacked together while avoiding the lethal bite of the crocodile. In the end, the crocodile was defeated. A lioness saw a baby crocodile and immediately chased after it. The baby crocodile ran very fast, but the lioness was faster.

Not long after, two other lions came asking for a share, but the lioness didn’t think the same. Number 5! Impala! A lioness stalked an impala about to give birth from above the road. The lion then went down and approach the mother impala. The impala was in an uncomfortable position and tried to run away, but the lioness quickly ambushed her.

It’s very sad, but that’s how it works. In another video, a lioness hid in the bushes waiting for an impala to come closer. At the right moment, the predator launched its attack. The lioness managed to take down the impala easily. She then dragged her lunch into the shade. It turned out that the impala was still strong enough and tried to escape.

The lioness held it while avoiding the impala’s dangerous horn. Finally, the lioness gave her kiss of death, and it was over. Number 4! Leopard! A leopard was caught by 3 lionesses. Suddenly, a male lion came to attack the leopard. To his surprise, the lionesses attacked the male lion. Maybe they were upset because their toy was about to be taken.

The male lion hesitated, whether to attack the leopard or not. He decided to attack the leopard again, and the 3 lionesses attacked the male lion even harder. The male lion finally left in confusion. In another video, a leopard was surrounded by 12 lionesses. They attacked the leopard from all directions, and there seemed no hope of escape.

The leopard tried to fight back for its life. In the end, a lioness bit the leopard’s neck, and it was game over. Number 3! Lion! A male lion suddenly attacked another male lion that was surrounded by lionesses. The lionesses quickly attacked this uninvited guess too. There was a great fight between the male lions.

Fights between male lions often occur to determine the alpha of the territory and for the right to mate with the female. The fight lasted for quite a long time and was finally won by the uninvited male lion. The defeated male lion left them to find a new territory. The lionesses didn’t seem to like the new male lion, perhaps because he is not very handsome.

Two male lions were enjoying lunch together. Out of nowhere, two other male lions came to ask for their share. Two lions that were eating were angry and came to them. One of the male lions immediately took a thousand steps, while his friend just stood there. The two male lions attacked the newcomer lion mercilessly.

Shortly after, one of the lions stopped attacking and left, while the other lion continued to attack. After fighting for quite a while, the two lions decided to make peace. Number 2! Giraffe! A lioness was stalking 2 giraffes fighting. This lioness has a plan to lure one of the giraffes to run toward the lion pride.

After the giraffes’ fight ended, the lioness quickly chased after it. As expected, the giraffe ran towards the lion pride, and they all ambushed it together. In pursuit, one of the lions managed to jump on the giraffe’s neck, but it was kicked pretty hard. The giraffe continued to run fast while the lions chased behind.

Finally, the giraffe entered an area of trees where it was very difficult for the lions to attack, and the giraffe escape successfully. In another video, a giraffe was surrounded by far more lions. The giraffe had difficulty running because the lions had already climbed on its feet. The lions kept trying to bring down the giraffe, but the giraffe held on quite strong.

In the end, the giraffe lost its balance and fell, and the lion pride started a big lunch party. Number 1! Warthog! A lioness chased a baby warthog, then the male lion takes over. The baby warthog was fighting back, but the male lion took it as a joke. The baby warthog then tried to run away, but was quickly caught again by the male lion.

The male lion played for a while, before turned the baby warthog into a snack. A warthog was walking alone, and two lionesses were waiting for it while hiding in the bushes. This innocent warthog continued walking toward the two lions. At the right moment, one of the lionesses jumped up and chased the warthog from behind, and the other lioness quickly ambush the warthog, and it was game over.

That’s all for the 15 Most Incredible Lion Attacks Caught On Camera! Please leave your comment below, which one is your favorite part? Don’t forget to click like and subscribe if you enjoy this video. Thanks for watching!


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