King cobra desperately fights giant lizard and unexpected ending(VIDEO)

They have incredible power   and give me fatal for any prey within just a  few minutes of being bitten [Music] foreign


Deaths as well as a horrific  Obsession for other creatures and this includes their fellow snakes [Music] this Cobra is a snake that consumes meat  and it will eat any animal it can attack they are quite carefully in front of  their prey and high risk prey they will   often give themselves a chance  to retreat if necessary [Music] however when faced with Hunger this king cobra  defies that logic and attacks a large lizard   it tries to approach the lizard and strike it  but this has made it quickly realize his mistake

The lizard after threatening left so the  king cobra had no chance to attack [Music] the lizard is not a toxic or venomous  creature and it has no great power that   can kill a king cobra [Music] however  the difference in size and its thick   skin and strong jaw power can cause a  king cobra to die [Applause] [Music]   these cases are usually caused when the monotilism  focuses its attack on the sensitive position of   the snake such as the eyes or head this can cause  the snake to be paralyzed and unable to resist

This lizard bites the blind spot of  the king cobra and when in control of   the miserable snake it could not attack  back and it could only wait for death [Music]   when attacking the king cobra it is necessary  to bite and hold the prey to prevent it being   counter-attacked and Venom injected into  itself but if that is not done perfectly   for this dangerous prey the king cobra will be  the one to kill it foreign [Music] Cobra has just   eaten prey it also makes them face increasing  levels of danger [Music] because of their full

Belly it makes them much slower and this is an  excellent opportunity for a lizard to attack this king cobra has just finished eating and  has become the attacking Target of the lizard   this lizard quickly approached and attacked  making the king cobra unable to resist this   king cobra didn’t expect that the two fat  mice at 8 would be the last meal of its life [Music] the monitor lizard will attack  the king cobra but is also not   afraid of other poisonous snakes foreign ERS the lizard attacks the tip of the snake’s tail  where a critical nerve makes the snake disoriented

When disorientated it is less  effective to fight its intense   Target this makes the snake weak and  of course the end was predetermined the lizard quickly proud about the  prey and began slowly eating it from   the tail leave your thoughts  Below in the comments section venomous snakes are feared by  reptiles including lizards [Music] when hunger is out of control  they can eat their own kind and their prey can be quite diverse foreign [Music] however in the wild  lizards and venomous snakes

Are amongst those opponents worthy  to fight off and even kill each other reptiles possess thick skin along with  a resistance to poison protecting them   from the deadly attacks of  ferocious snakes [Music]   in addition the sharp jaws and strong mouth  muscles allow lizards to counter-attack [Music] grab the snake’s head and knock it to  the ground before finishing off the enemy we can witness many uncompromising  hunts of venomous snakes for their prey and we are no stranger to the  images of snakes laced with

Venom swallowing their ill-fated victims [Music] however nature always works in its own kind of way in nature in order to survive  many species equip themselves   with endemic weapons which can  kill the opponent in an instant [Music]   despite being the most fearsome  killer in the natural world venomous snakes have many equal enemies another unpredictable opponent is the lizard sometimes possessing a slow but rough body mass

The lizard has strong Jaws a  flexible neck and thick skin that can neutralize even  the sharp fangs of the cobra snakes that possess poison are  considered in the venomous snake family as a result this crocodile shaped  animal is not easily killed before   the king cobra’s venom which  can kill dozens of elephants rolling over here [Music] a lizard is an animal that looks Fierce  and ferocious but inside is gentlemen shine normally whenever a lizard hears  a strange noise or other animal

Approaching it tries to find a way to hide [Applause]   Corner the lizard will become unusually aggressive   and is ready to fight off other  animals much larger than it [Applause]   but this venomous snake has made the  mistake of attacking a lizard’s head and the lizard quickly delivered a  fatal attack that bites the snake’s head with just a single move the fight ended and  the venomous snake became the lizard’s meal foreign however not all lizards are  strong enough to confront the king cobra

The cruelty of nature causes  the animals to fight mercilessly in the end the previous battle was not  necessarily the result of the later Wars as we can see the snake slithers  around its prey and injects its venom when the Venom is injected into the prey’s body the snake’s venom will directly  attacked the central nervous system causing blurred vision pain drowsiness  dizziness and then nerve paralysis the lizard’s condition is relatively good  but it takes a long time for it to succumb

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