Jagged-toothed sea monster washed up on Mexico beach giving beachgoers the shock of their lives

A GIANT jagged-toothed “sea monster” washed ashore on a Mexican beach, giving beachgoers the shock of their lives.

Beatriz Morales Acuna, a native in Mazatlan, western Mexico, discovered the terrifying-looking monster.

This mystery ‘sea monster’ washed up on a beach in Mazatlan, western MexicoCredit: Central European News

She claimed she initially mistook the weird thing for an old piece of rope.

When she glanced closer, she noticed the fanged creature’s dead eyes staring back at her.

Beatriz captured photos of the mysterious beast with her phone and shared them on social media.

She captioned the photos, “When I came out of the sea, there it was.

The dead animal was spotted by a local woman as she got out of the seaCredit: Central European News

“Nobody was bothered by it because they thought it was just old rope from a sailing boat.

“It was only after I took pictures that people became intrigued.”

The photographs went viral, leaving social media users perplexed as to what the animal could be.

Some speculated that it was an eel or a sea serpent, while others speculated that it came from space.

Some social media users speculated the fish could be a deepsea lizardfishCredit: Alamy

Because the odd animal had perished and was already partially decayed, no one knows for certain what species it is.

Some speculated that it was a deepsea lizardfish, which are found in tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide and normally live on the seafloor.

They feature a lizard-like bony skull that is flattened, as well as a huge mouth filled with sharp teeth for killing prey, unlike other fish.

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