Horrified by the moment an Indian woman was stared at by a king cobra (VIDEO)

Very Venomous Angry Indian spectacled Cobra rescued from house: Bhadrak, Odisha.  Show the method of catching snakes are awesome and have seen ..most of your videos…how come your wife/ mother are allowing you to do the snake catching and also what do you do if not for snake catching.

Mirza sahab you put your precious life in danger for showing us how dangerous work to rescue the venoumous snake, its more daring work to touch the snake after knowing that snake will return back to bite and had to survive on time, but its you only mirza sahab who takes risk, great mirza sahab.

Oh, how much aggression there was in this cobra. These fortunately unsuccessful attacks on you, my friend, have gone astray with the killer bite of the sack. Poor sack, probably all dripping venom. I’m sure this perfect creature will do well somewhere in the woods. Thanks for a good job, Mirza.

Absolutely awesome subtitles on this one. Thank you for listening to some of us irritating subscribers it makes the vids much more enjoyable for us to watch and it also educates our kids about handling snakes better when they can read what you’re saying. Thank you thank you thank you. Greatly appreciated.

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