“Heart-Stopping Moment Caught on Camera: Enormous Snake Spotted Alongside Roadside” (VIDEO)

Frightened by a huge snake, it appears in the middle of the city, hanging from a tree, almost tangled around its neck. Goosebumps!! Warn anyone riding a motorcycle in-out, be careful.

On August 26, 2022, reporters reported that this is the rainy season. In many areas, there is wet humidity. And what followed were the various reptiles which must be careful. Recently, there was a young woman revealing the image of a large python hanging from a tree. Around the alley around Bangkok City Hall 2, Din Daeng, along with a message warning people that “Be careful. Who rides a motorcycle in and out? There was a very large python hanging down.”

After the said image was shared, there are many people to comment. With one comment stating that the size can eat dogs and cats in the neighborhood comfortably. Young children and adults need to be careful. I think it’s a big one. The other person comes in and states that the same place again. That day was almost a thousand necks. Fear to this day thought that it had to come again, etc.

This incident of a huge snake hanging from a tree in the middle of a city has left many people shocked and worried about their safety. As the rainy season brings with it wet and humid weather, it also attracts various reptiles to come out of hiding and seek shelter in residential areas. It is important for people to be aware of the potential dangers that come with the rainy season and take necessary precautions to avoid any unwanted encounters with snakes or other reptiles.

The image of the python hanging from the tree around Bangkok City Hall 2 is a reminder of the importance of staying vigilant while traveling on motorcycles or walking on foot. The python in question was reportedly very large and could have caused serious harm to anyone who accidentally stumbled upon it. The warning message that accompanied the image serves as a reminder to all to be mindful of their surroundings and stay alert for any potential threats.

In addition to staying vigilant, it is also important to take preventive measures to keep reptiles away from residential areas. This includes properly disposing of garbage and food waste, as they can attract reptiles looking for food. It is also advisable to seal off any entry points in homes or buildings that may provide a way for reptiles to enter.

In conclusion, the incident of the python hanging from a tree in the middle of the city is a reminder of the importance of staying aware of potential dangers during the rainy season. It is crucial for individuals to take necessary precautions to ensure their safety, including staying vigilant while traveling on motorcycles or walking on foot, and taking preventive measures to keep reptiles away from residential areas. By doing so, we can all help to reduce the risk of encountering dangerous reptiles like the one that caused such a stir in Bangkok.


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