Giant 6-pound ‘monster’ cane toad that sets world record discovered in Australian Coastal Park (VIDEO)

That is one big toad a park ranger in Australia stumbled upon this enormous cane toad and now they’re wondering if it could set a world record they say the largest toad ever recorded was in Sweden weighing 5.8 pounds but this jumbo toad weighed in at six pounds which earned it the name toadzilla the discovery wasn’t all good because cane toads are an invasive species in Australia and one this big could have big implications the problem with an animal that big is it changes the scope of what it can eat so.

It increases its price election so it would uh it would be able to eat larger food items than what normal change would so its impact on the environment is is quite significant compared to a normal size can’t do it unfortunately for toadzilla it was euthanized in hopes of preventing it from laying eggs officials say a toad of this size could have laid 35 000 eggs so their capacity to reproduce is quite staggering so and all parts of the County’s Freedom Cycle are poisonous to Australian native species so.

Prevention is a big part of how we need to manage them sozilla’s body was donated to a museum for research and hopefully it can be used for good instead of causing more harm to the environment for Inside Edition digital I’m Mara Montalbano.


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