Exclusive footage shows the brutal fight between a giant python and a venomous king cobra (VIDEO)

The internet has been abuzz with a video capturing the intense battle between a lion cub and a massive python.

The footage, which has gone viral, shows the two animals engaged in a fierce struggle as they try to overpower each other. This rare encounter between the two predators has left viewers captivated and intrigued by the sheer power of the animal kingdom.

The video begins with the lion cub facing off against the python, which is considerably larger in size. The two animals circle each other warily, sizing up their opponent before launching into a brutal attack. The python strikes first, coiling around the lion cub’s body and attempting to constrict its prey.

But the lion cub is not one to give up easily, and it fights back with all its might. Claws flashing, the young lion manages to break free from the python’s grip and launch a counterattack.

The two animals continue to tussle with each other, their strength and agility on full display.

As the battle rages on, the lion cub’s brothers arrive on the scene, lending their support to their sibling. With the odds now stacked in their favor, the lions launch a coordinated attack on the python, overwhelming the snake with their sheer numbers.

Despite its formidable size and strength, the python is ultimately forced to retreat, realizing that it is no match for the fierce feline trio. The lions emerge victorious, their victory over the powerful predator a testament to their remarkable hunting skills and teamwork.


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