“Eagle Attack: Shocking Video Captures Lizard’s Narrow Escape” (VIDEO)

Martial eagles are one of the largest eagle species found in Africa. However, catching one of Africa’s largest lizards is not an easy feat. Rodney Nombekana, a 43-year-old safari and photographic guide, is well-known for his wildlife knowledge and safari tours in the Kruger National Park. On one of his safaris, he captured an incredible sighting of Africa’s largest eagle taking down and feasting on a monitor lizard.

LatestSightings.com caught up with Rodney as he shared the events of that day with us. “I was on a safari drive and went up to Ngotso, near Satara camp, to look for the Ngotso lion pride and the resident leopards there. We found one of the Ngotso male lions, but he was alone, so we sat there watching for a while. Trevor, one of my friends who was also on the same sighting, spotted a Martial eagle that had just caught a monitor lizard!”

“It was incredible; I’ve never seen anything like this before! Two great sightings in one place, but all the cameras were pointing at the eagle and not towards the lion. After watching the struggle for about an hour, I still needed to serve my guests breakfast, so I took them to their favorite spot, Timbavati Picnic Spot.”

“We came back from breakfast and noticed that the eagle was still busy trying to take out the lizard! In total, it took about 5 hours for the lizard to finally give up, and so the eagle finally succeeded with the catch, which was definitely something to witness. We then left while the eagle fed on the well-deserved meal.”

Rodney emphasizes the surprises that nature can bring, and how one never knows when they will find a unique sighting. The bush is full of surprises, and just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new comes along to surprise you once more. So be present and enjoy while nature takes its course.

In conclusion, Rodney Nombekana’s incredible sighting of the Martial eagle capturing and feasting on a monitor lizard showcases the wonders of nature and the surprises that can be found in the African bush. It is a reminder to always be present and appreciate the beauty around us.


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