“Discover the incredible story of India’s snake girl and her six king cobras” (VIDEO)

Deadly Cobra snakes are the best pals of this eight-year-old Indian girl, Kajol Khan, even after being bitten by them a couple of times. Despite the risk, Kajol wants to become a snake catcher like her father, and she spends her days eating, sleeping, and playing with her six beloved Cobras.

Kajol’s unique relationship with these dangerous reptiles has garnered attention from across the world. The little girl’s story has both fascinated and horrified people. In a world where fear of snakes is common, Kajol’s fearlessness is remarkable.

According to Kajol, she has never felt scared of the Cobras. In fact, she loves them dearly and enjoys spending time with them. She has even stopped going to school out of her love for the snakes. Kajol said, “I didn’t like the company of humans in school, so I stopped going there five years ago.”

Many people find it hard to believe that a young girl can be so comfortable with deadly Cobras. However, Kajol’s father, a snake catcher himself, has taught her how to handle the snakes safely. He has also taught her how to identify venomous snakes and how to catch them.

Despite Kajol’s love for Cobras, her relationship with the snakes has not been without its dangers. She has been bitten by them on several occasions, but this has not diminished her affection for them. Kajol says that the bites are painful, but she understands that it is a part of her job as a snake catcher.

Watching Kajol play with the Cobras is a sight to behold. She is so comfortable with them that she treats them like her pets. She even sleeps with them in the same bed. However, Kajol’s relationship with the Cobras is not just about playing and having fun. She is also training them to become more docile.

Kajol’s father has taught her how to train Cobras by using a flute. The sound of the flute is said to put the snakes into a trance-like state, which makes them more manageable. Kajol is now able to use the flute to control the Cobras and make them more relaxed.

Kajol’s love for Cobras has also sparked her interest in conservation. She is now working to educate people about the importance of snakes in the ecosystem. Kajol believes that snakes are often misunderstood and that people need to learn more about them.

Kajol’s story is both inspiring and terrifying. It is hard to imagine an eight-year-old girl being so comfortable with deadly Cobras. However, Kajol’s story shows that with the right training and knowledge, it is possible to have a deep and meaningful relationship with these dangerous reptiles.

In conclusion, Kajol Khan’s love for Cobras is unique and has captured the attention of the world. Her relationship with these deadly reptiles is both fascinating and frightening. However, Kajol’s story is also a testament to the power of love and education. With the right knowledge and training, we can learn to live in harmony with even the most dangerous creatures.


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