Crocodile Bites Baby Zebra: The battle to the death for control or to drown prey (VIDEO)

This past june i was traveling across several countries in africa i was in ethiopia when i found out that the great wildebeest migration was going to be starting soon in kenya the great migration is the time of year when hundreds of thousands of animals are on the move some crossed the serengeti from tanzania into kenya in search of greener pastures the national reserve that i’m at here is called messiah mara as usual i was trying to travel cheaply and i was staying in the tent in a place called crocodile camp near the village.

In this video my maasai warrior safari guy named jonathan and i both been waiting all day for the zebras to finally take the risk and cross the marl river the side of the bar river that we’re on was in the country of kenya just on the other side of the river is the country of tanzania oh he made it let me get back to the group.

Those crocodiles are so sneaky they hold still in the mara river and hope they’re mistaken for rocks as the zebras pass by i noticed the crocodiles target younger zebras since they’re so much easier to overpower after the crocodiles get a hold of their prey they do what’s called the death roll to gain control or drown their prey so so.

Help they began stomping on the ground that chased the crocodiles away but the zebras know to stay in the shallow water if they went further into the water and deeper to try to save their friend than they would have been powerless from the crocodiles.



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