Be amazed at the sight of three cobras appearing together on the tree trunk

Amazed at the sight of three cobras appearing on the tree trunk (Photo: Daily Mail).

The operation to rescue 3 cobras just took place this Wednesday. Immediately after being released, three cobras coiled themselves around a tree and created a bizarre scene. Mr. Nilesh Wankhede decided to record these images.

Mr. Nilesh Wankhede shared about his work: “I specialize in catching snakes that appear in villages near the reserve and then releasing them into the reserve. I have rescued hundreds of snakes in 20 years. I’ve never seen such a bizarre sight before, but I’m also amazed at what I see.”

Besides Mr. Nilesh Wankhede when going to release the snakes, there were two other associates: “It’s strange because the snakes don’t crawl on the grass or quickly seek shelter, but try to climb up the tree trunk, they roll themselves. around the trunk for 15 minutes.

I found them in a village after the villagers discovered that there were cobras appearing in the village. One I found in the house, another in the barn, the other in a hut. After catching them, I and my colleagues released them into the forest, and as soon as they were released, we witnessed this strange scene.”

When Mr. Nilesh Wankhede shared pictures of 3 cobras wrapped around a tree trunk on social networks, these images attracted great attention.

Cobras can grow to more than 5 meters long, the venom secreted from its bite can be enough to kill an adult elephant.

Mr. Nilesh Wankhede said he felt very miraculous when he witnessed this strange moment, this is possibly the strangest image he has ever seen in his work so far.

Mr. Nilesh Wankhede (pictured) inside the Melghat nature reserve located in the state of Maharashtra, India (Image: Daily Mail).

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