An Alberta man caught a giant sturgeon while fishing, and the fish survived the journey to the Fraser River (VIDEO)

A Man from Alberta, Canada Catches a Living Dinosaur while Fishing

When Braden Bruce, a roofer from Alberta, Canada, went fishing out of boredom, he had no idea he would make the catch of a lifetime. While fishing in the Fraser River, he caught an eight feet six inches long sturgeon that weighed about 159 kilograms, dubbed a living dinosaur by many.

As reported by CTV News Calgary, Bruce battled with the beast for half an hour trying to get it close to the shore. He even pulled the massive triassic era fish to the shore with the help of his girlfriend, Sydney Kozilenko. Bruce had no work over the weekend, so he and Kozilenko hit the road for a three-hour drive to their favorite fishing spot on the Fraser River.

Although Bruce got lucky and caught the monster sturgeon, getting the beast close to the shore was a humongous task that took about half an hour and required a hand from Sydney and her kayak. After taking the sturgeon to the shore, Bruce and Sydney reportedly released the fish back into the water.

The Fraser River, which runs through British Columbia, is known for its large sturgeon population, which can weigh over 300 kilograms and live up to 100 years. Sturgeon are known for their longevity, and some of these fish have been known to survive for centuries. These fish have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, which is why they are referred to as living dinosaurs.

What a Catch”: Video Shows Alberta Man Catching Once-in-a-Lifetime 350lb “Living  Dinosaur” | Shiksha News

Sturgeon are also an important part of the local ecosystem, and the government has implemented several regulations to protect them. Anglers are required to release any sturgeon that are over 1.5 meters long, and the government has implemented a tagging system to track the population.

Braden Bruce’s catch has been making headlines in Canada and around the world, with many people amazed at the size of the fish he caught. The video of him catching the sturgeon has gone viral, with many people sharing it on social media.

For anglers looking to catch sturgeon, the Fraser River is one of the best places to go. However, it’s important to follow the regulations put in place to protect these incredible creatures. If you’re planning to go sturgeon fishing in the Fraser River, make sure to research the regulations beforehand.

In conclusion, Braden Bruce’s catch of the living dinosaur sturgeon in the Fraser River is a testament to the amazing diversity of wildlife in Canada. Sturgeon have been around for millions of years and are an important part of the local ecosystem. Bruce’s catch highlights the need to protect these creatures and the importance of following regulations when fishing in the Fraser River.


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