“Abandoned and Abused: The Heartbreaking Story of Remy the Pitbull” (VIDEO)

Story You’ll See Only on Fox: Pitbull Abused for Dog Fighting Dumped and Left for Dead

In Chester City, Pennsylvania, a group of children walking by a street corner made a gruesome discovery: a lifeless pitbull dumped by the side of the road. They called 911, and soon an animal rescue team arrived to investigate. What they found shocked them to the core: a severely abused dog who had been used for dog fighting and then discarded like trash.

The dog, who the humane police officer Russ Harper from Justice Rescue named Remy, was only about a year and a half old. Harper, who got the call on Monday night, was initially skeptical that Remy was still alive: “He was laying over there in the weeds where somebody threw him, and he was just cold and lifeless. I really thought when I picked him up that he was dead.”

However, Remy proved to be a fighter. Harper rushed him to the Keystone Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Havertown, where the dog received urgent medical attention. Remy was in horrific condition, with pretty severe injuries and a weakened body, as well as severe infections from multiple bite wounds. Harper said that Remy’s scars and missing fur showed clear signs of previous dog fighting matches:

“All the nicks that he has here, all the discoloration in the fur and the necks, and the missing [fur], those are all from previous fights. I hope we can stop this kind of behavior because it’s awful, it’s really awful for the pets, for the patients to undergo this kind of brutality.”

Remy’s plight touched the hearts of many, including the animal welfare organization Justice Rescue. They offered a $1000 reward for anyone who can provide information about the person or persons responsible for Remy’s abuse and abandonment. Meanwhile, Remy’s caregivers fight for his life, monitoring his condition and administering care around the clock.

As of this writing, Remy has shown some signs of improvement, though he’s not out of the woods yet. According to Harper, Remy’s fighting spirit is what gives them hope: “As long as he keeps fighting and he keeps showing that he’s getting better and he’s not in pain, we’re gonna continue to fight with him…he’s a lot of people rooting for him.”

If you want to help Remy and other animals like him, you can visit Justice Rescue’s website for more information on their advocacy work. Let’s hope that Remy’s story inspires more people to speak out against animal cruelty and to support organizations that fight for animal rights.


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